[zcash/zcash] Unable to send a transaction signed on an offline node (#3327)

Yes, this is all correct.

Regarding supporting it, I am neutral. I should be relatively
straight-forward to create a thirdparty tool to do the signing based on the
overwinter spec. It should also be straight-forward to add a parameter to
the signrawtransaction. I couldn’t say which options would be more work for

On Tue, Jul 10, 2018 at 2:26 PM, Jason Davies

> That makes sense, thanks! To clarify: it’s possible to sign an Overwinter
> transaction *in principle* while offline (given the input amount etc.),
> but not easily using zcashd at the moment without syncing past the
> Overwinter activation block. If there’s sufficient demand, I guess the
> signrawtransaction RPC could be extended to optionally allow Overwinter
> mode.
> In my opinion, things like offline signatures are probably best supported
> by non-zcashd ecosystem libraries/tools rather than attempting to use
> zcashd for offline purposes, for which it wasn’t really designed.
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