[zcash/zcash] Document supported Debian versions, rename apt repository [keyword: stretch] (#3456)

[In Zcash forum](https://forum.z.cash/t/installing-on-debian-stretch/17977/3), 2017-06-25 17:17:49 UTC, @bitcartel wrote:

> Can you file a ticket on Github about renaming the apt repository? Thanks.

I found this on web search, because…

For past 15 months, I am maintaining a special Debian jessie (oldstable) installation for Zcash only. Major pain — especially since jessie is now EOL, and my dev environment is long time on stretch (stable).

I do this, [because even today](https://archive.is/i3rnL), the only official `apt.z.cash` [repository distribution](https://apt.z.cash/dists/) is named `jessie`. The Zcash Supported Platorms policy says nothing useful about this. Searching the web [and the issues tracker](https://github.com/zcash/zcash/issues?utf8=%E2%9C%93&q=is%3Aissue+stretch), I found **no** documentation of supported Debian versions. Only some old Github bugs of zcash bad on stretch (when it was not yet stable), such as #2212, #2366; with indication that stretch was «unsupported». Then web search found the above quoted forum post.

*That forum post is the very best documentation of support status for Debian stretch!?*

— If the `apt.z.cash` binary can be installed on stretch, please be renaming the apt repository!
— Please add documentation of what Debian version(s) are *currently* supported!
— If it is answered in this issue that stretch is indeed being supported in the official .deb, I will switch my Zcash away from jessie straightaway. :) I am uncomfortable configuring «jessie» repository on stretch, without clarification.

Thank you.

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