[wavesplatform/Waves] NODE-759 32k binary data entries (#1103)

JIRA: https://wavesplatform.atlassian.net/browse/NODE-759 and

– BinaryDataEntry limit is now 32k bytes
– Size limit on DataTransaction is 150k, there’s no longer limit on number of entries
– Binary data entries use Base64 encoding instead of Base58
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— Commit Summary —

* NODE-557 Max data entry size is now 32k
* Merge branch ‘master’ of https://github.com/wavesplatform/Waves into NODE-557-data-tx
* NODE-557 Fixed OracleDataTest
* Merge branch ‘master’ of https://github.com/wavesplatform/Waves into NODE-557-data-tx
* NODE-759 Enforced base64 encoding for binary data entries

— File Changes —

M it/src/test/scala/com/wavesplatform/it/sync/DataTransactionSuite.scala (15)
M src/main/scala/com/wavesplatform/network/BasicMessagesRepo.scala (2)
M src/main/scala/com/wavesplatform/state/DataEntry.scala (23)
M src/main/scala/scorex/transaction/DataTransaction.scala (6)
M src/test/scala/com/wavesplatform/TransactionGen.scala (22)
M src/test/scala/com/wavesplatform/state/RollbackSpec.scala (2)
M src/test/scala/com/wavesplatform/state/diffs/smart/scenarios/OracleDataTest.scala (2)
M src/test/scala/scorex/transaction/DataTransactionSpecification.scala (19)

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