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[EOSIO/eos] add guard track to database (#4666)

@wanderingbort pushed 1 commit. f494782 fix guards for testing library redux

[EOSIO/eos] add guard track to database (#4666)

@wanderingbort pushed 1 commit. 8a6e00e fix guards for testing library

[bitshares/bitshares-core] Improve update_expired_feeds performance #1093 (#1113)

@abitmore pushed 2 commits. a12fd3a Merge branch '1083-adjust-balance' 8651a8e Bump DB_VERSION

[EOSIO/eos] nodeos option to explicitly export reversible blocks (#4680)

@arhag pushed 1 commit. 6e89755 improvements to import/export reversible block database from @heifner's review of PR #4680

[bitshares/bitshares-core] Elasticsearch refactor (#1122)

@oxarbitrage pushed 1 commit. ff7190a move curl requests to dedicated function

[EOSIO/eos] get no result when run curl http://localhost:8888/v1/chain/get_info (#4658)

try curl

[EOSIO/eos] Permissions issue trying to create account remotely using cleos (#4675)

Thank you very much for your help, @jgiszczak. Problem solved. I just pushed the fixed [code](https://github.com/rflxvty/eos-nodejs-kubernetes-starter-kit) in case someone needs it.

[vergecurrency/VERGE] VERGE installation on ubuntu fails (#782)

@Smurfy303 What do you mean "last lines"? Was i asking about posting some random "last lines"? So i can think up what…

[EOSIO/eos] /v1/chain/get_info bad request error (#4663)

Yes, with --http-validate-host=false works for me. Thanks @andriantolie

[zcash/zcash] InitialBlockDownload upstream changes (#3263)

:hourglass: Trying commit bbff8631f535b2b8e9b06fe4b879609828e2b4d6 with merge ebd25d1744ceba5244c84432e8e9dc4f588a0395...