[spesmilo/electrum] App closes when Qt wizard finishes (except for initial wizard) (#4348)

1. open a wallet in Electrum (Qt GUI), this wallet is opened in «window1»
2. with «window1» still open, start a wizard (`File`>`New/Restore`)
3. close «window1»
4. proceed in the wizard to create a new wallet
5. After the last dialog with the text `Electrum is generating your addresses, please wait…`, when the wizard finishes, the application closes

This is due to https://github.com/spesmilo/electrum/commit/c8baff9faf526da1970c014f3adaa65ed37dc87d, as the wizard closes (which is before the main window opens), and at that point the last window open was the wizard.

The issue does not affect the «first» wizard (as in, when the app opens directly into a wizard, e.g. on first start), because that happens earlier in the flow, at that point the signals are not yet connected:

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