[ripple/rippled] Modernize CMake Build (#2579)

JoeLoser commented on this pull request.

> + -Wno-unused-function
+ >
+ $<$:-Wno-nonnull-compare>)
+target_include_directories (snappy
+ src/snappy/snappy
+ src/snappy/config)
+add_library (NIH::snappy ALIAS snappy)
+target_link_libraries (ripple_libs INTERFACE NIH::snappy)
+ NIH dep: rocksdb
+include (CheckCXXCompilerFlag)

I think we can safely remove this as rippled only supports the following min compilers as far as I can tell:
1. GCC 5+
2. Clang x+ (3.7ish probably based on features used that I’ve seen?)
3. MSVC 2017?

In any regard, all of these compilers support cpp11 flag. I think we should guarantee our expectations of min compiler support very early on (I think we do already) — well before NIH 3rd party lib CMake stuff.

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