[ripple/rippled] Modernize CMake Build (#2579)

JoeLoser commented on this pull request.

> +
+add_library (sqlite3 STATIC
+ src/sqlite/sqlite/sqlite3.c)
+ When compiled with SQLITE_THREADSAFE=1, SQLite operates
+ in serialized mode. In this mode, SQLite can be safely
+ used by multiple threads with no restriction.
+ VFALCO NOTE: This implies a global mutex!
+ When compiled with SQLITE_THREADSAFE=2, SQLite can be
+ used in a multithreaded program so long as no two
+ threads attempt to use the same database connection at
+ the same time.
+ VFALCO NOTE: This is the preferred threading model.

Have we played with using `SQLITE_THREADSAFE=2` then?

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