[ripple/rippled] Feature Request: Return ‘escrowSequence’ with Escrow Ledger Object (#2659)

Greetings! While investigating the possibility of adding ‘smart’ auto-fill fields to the [Wipple Transaction Writer](http://localhost.localdomain:4567/live/transactions/EscrowCancel) we noticed that Escrow Objects unlike Offers and PaymentChannels do not return the necessary identifier information needed to act upon them. In the case of Offers, the ‘Sequence’ value is returned when one requests **account_objects** or **ledger_entries**; which can be used to issued OrderCancel requests or new OrderCreate requests to cancel/overwrite them. In the case of PaymentChannels, we receive the ‘index’ which can be used to fund and or issue claims against the channel.

With escrow, no such field is returned and the client is unable to deduce the ‘sequence’ which to set on subsequent EscrowCancel or EscrowFinish requests so as to cancel/execute the escrow. One could do something ‘hacky’ such as scan all of an accounts transactions until they find the escrow, or use ‘PreviousTxnLgrSeq’ to retrieve the ledger and then lookup the transaction in that, but it would be nice if they didn’t have to do this, and if rippled would return the sequence number of the EscrowCreate transaction with the Escrow itself.

Is this possible / acceptable?

Thank you for considering this.

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