[ripple/rippled] Deprecate dirDelete (#2581)

@JoeLoser went to the effort to replace all uses of `dirDelete()` with calls to `ApplyView::dirRemove()`. This pull request preserves that effort.

There was also an attempt made to deal with the deprecated `dirAdd()` function. We can’t get rid of `dirAdd()` until the `SortedDirectories` amendment has been enabled on the network for at least a year. But we should go ahead and remove `dirDelete()`. Don’t let the perfect be the enemy of the good.

Reviewers: @mellery451 @wilsonianb
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— Commit Summary —

* Replace uses of dirDelete with ApplyView::dirRemove
* [FOLD] Update comment to use dirRemove

— File Changes —

M src/ripple/app/tx/impl/CancelCheck.cpp (15)
M src/ripple/app/tx/impl/CancelTicket.cpp (11)
M src/ripple/app/tx/impl/CashCheck.cpp (14)
M src/ripple/app/tx/impl/Escrow.cpp (47)
M src/ripple/app/tx/impl/OfferStream.cpp (2)
M src/ripple/app/tx/impl/PayChan.cpp (14)
M src/ripple/app/tx/impl/SetSignerList.cpp (33)
M src/ripple/ledger/View.h (11)
M src/ripple/ledger/impl/View.cpp (251)

— Patch Links —


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