[ripple/rippled] Add xrpRoundToZero logging for FlowCross compareSandboxes (#2522)

scottschurr commented on this pull request.

> @@ -330,6 +330,16 @@ class CashDiff::Impl
|| rhsDiffs_.hasDiff();

+ // For tiny offers of TakerPays IOU and TakerGets XRP, cases have been
+ // observed where XRP rounding allows a tiny amount of IOU to be
+ // removed from an Offer while returning no XRP to the offer owner.
+ // That’s because the XRP amount was rounded down to zero drops.
+ //
+ // The person submitting the tiny offer does not, however, get something
+ // for nothing. The transaction’s fee is significantly larger than the
+ // value of the received IOU.
+ int xrpRoundToZero () const;

@ximinez , would you like to see the comment moved into CashDiff? Or should there be a copy of the comment in CashDiff? I’m fine with either or with leaving it alone…

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