[neo-project/neo] Optimizing consensus syncing time (#268)

Hey @erikzhang,

We are currently discussing (@igormcoelho) about simple adjustment that can help the Blockchain to carve 15s, without changing the structure of the consensus neither modifying the variable that guides the desired block time.

I will open this PR in order to promote a better environment for us to discuss these minor changes.

In fact, we are dealing with something very simple.
The idea is basically to advance the Speaker `OnTimeout` timer in something around 3-6 seconds, calling «send prepare request» a little before 15 seconds.

While it implies less time for accepting transactions, we are also discussing a simple Average time calculator, which could use the average value taken by the `FillContext();` call and predicts the «optimal» time for broadcasting a `Prepare Request` call.

What do you think about it?

You can view, comment on, or merge this pull request online at:


— Commit Summary —

* Merge pull request #1 from neo-project/master
* Carving consensus time to 15s — I

— File Changes —

M neo/Consensus/ConsensusService.cs (244)

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