[neo-project/neo] Introduce single working title that covers all progression surrounding NEO 2.x (e.g. NEO Lighthouse) (#333)

We just need to be honest with the community and tell them that NEO 3.0 was announced a bit to early, whose decision was it to release this news??? The hype train is not what the community wants, they want clear, and honest developments of the technology. Explain to the holders how what you are working on will benefit them, is this increasing tps? Is it making it easier to develop with? More secure? Personally, as an investor and not a developer, I want updates on the major roadmap stops for NEO: neoqs, neox, neoid(we need update on this!!!!), neofs, voting (we need an update on this) as of right now it is very unclear what is being worked on and by whom???

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