[neo-project/neo] Approval Voting & Time-Locked NEO Voting Contracts (#313)


In my understanding a smart contract on NEO blockchain is deployed and has an own address. So by sending «my» NEO to any smart contract I loose the control until the contract allows me to withdraw my NEO again. For reference see the lock contract: http://docs.neo.org/en-us/sc/tutorial/Lock.html

A different story is if the NEO stays in my address just beeing locked (**marked for voting**). So during the voting those NEO cannot be send to another address or used for anything else. That should be handled internally like e.g. claiming gas.

I think people don’t want to send NEO to any contract for voting. It just feels «not good» to move investments to smart contract and withdraw them later. My opinion.

@Edgegasm @BehindYou27
By locking NEO without actually sending them that should work.

Big institutions will always have the power to buy great amounts of NEO and reach great voting power. I don’t think we can do much about this.

Thanks for your answers.

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