[NebulousLabs/Sia] Loading siad… (1/6) Loading gateway… (2/6) Loadingction pool… (4/6) Loading wallet… (5/6) Loading host… (6/6) Loading renter… Finished loading in 0.1 (#2994)

@energievolt The `panic: Consensus change series appears to be inconsistent — we are applying
the wrong block.` is usually caused when Sia find corruption in one of it’s databases; corruption is usually caused by a crash or improper shutdown.

In your case, it looks like the corruption is in the host.db file, if you’re not planning on hosting you can simply disable that module by following the instructions to «Prevent the host module from starting» here: https://gist.github.com/tbenz9/8066d74853ab28c23bd7bc1d3c7cdeda#prevent-the-host-module-from-starting-in-sia-ui-windows-only

If you need more help try the #help channel on the Sia Discord.

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