[monero-project/monero] wallet: store trusted-daemon flag in wallet2 (#4245)

The setting for trusting the daemon or not should be common to all of the CLI, the RPC and the GUI, so it seems natural to move the boolean variable to wallet2. This also makes the `—untrusted-daemon` flag available to the RPC as well.

Consequently, the boolean arg `trusted_daemon` to many functions of `wallet2` was dropped. Note, however, that this wasn’t applied to `wallet2::refresh()` because the existing code contains a few instances of calling `refresh(false)`.
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— Commit Summary —

* wallet: store trusted-daemon flag in wallet2

— File Changes —

M src/simplewallet/simplewallet.cpp (75)
M src/simplewallet/simplewallet.h (2)
M src/wallet/api/wallet.cpp (11)
M src/wallet/api/wallet.h (1)
M src/wallet/wallet2.cpp (81)
M src/wallet/wallet2.h (44)
M src/wallet/wallet_rpc_server.cpp (33)
M src/wallet/wallet_rpc_server.h (1)
M tests/functional_tests/transactions_flow_test.cpp (2)

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