[monero-project/monero] simplewallet: Simplify LOCK_IDLE_SCOPE macro (#4249)

rbrunner7 commented on this pull request.

> boost::unique_lock lock(m_idle_mutex); \
— epee::misc_utils::auto_scope_leave_caller scope_exit_handler = epee::misc_utils::create_scope_leave_handler([&](){ \
— m_auto_refresh_enabled.store(auto_refresh_enabled, std::memory_order_relaxed); \
— })
+ m_idle_cond.notify_one();

Sorry, I don’t understand what you mean: Which problem is not fixed by the new order of the lines, with locking the mutex as the very first action? Or, more in general, what problem do you see there in the order «lock, stop, notify»?

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