[monero-project/monero] Running a monero node over tor (#4250)

Hi guys, I have a security question to make my first sync :
I’m following this guideline : https://medium.com/@kic0/running-a-monero-node-over-tor-49c3de49eda8
And on this step
[quote]After importing the blockchain.raw run monerod first time to make sure it syncs to latest blockheight we use some «Tor» options and a exclusive node to prevent «leakage». The node used here is node.xmr.pt:18081 an open node run by comunity members, you should really use your own or you can always run with none at all but be more «open» to the network, this is the least recomended «mode» tho.

While Monero isn’t made to integrate with Tor, it can be used wrapped with torsocks, if you add —p2p-bind-ip to the monerod command line. You also want to set DNS requests to go over TCP, so they’ll be routed through Tor, by setting DNS_PUBLIC=tcp or use a particular DNS server with DNS_PUBLIC=tcp://a.b.c.d (default is, which is Google DNS). You may also disable IGD (UPnP port forwarding negotiation), which is pointless with Tor, we also add —hide-my-port so we don’t anounce our node to the network itself. To allow local connections from the wallet, you might have to add TORSOCKS_ALLOW_INBOUND=1, some OSes need it and some don’t…[/quote]

With this command :
[quote]DNS_PUBLIC=tcp:// TORSOCKS_ALLOW_INBOUND=1 torsocks ./monerod — p2p-bind-ip — no-igd — add-exclusive-node — hide-my-port[/quote]

If I’m right use the ip to sync is not very secure and I think I miss something, I tried to use but error message when I launch it….

Could anyone explain to me if it’s dangerous to use the ip to sync or not ? and If yes they said that we have to use our own node but how ? (Is it with my onion adress created before ?

Thanks for reading and helping ;)

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