[monero-project/monero] monero-wallet-rpc shows usually ‘no connection to daemon’ (#4156)

I am running two docker containers, on on is **monero-wallet-rpc** another runs **monerod**, **monero-wallet-rpc** uses **monerod** container as **daemon-address**.

The issue I am facing is that wallet sometimes shows message `{‘code’: -38, ‘message’: ‘no connection to daemon’}`. This error makes a lot of problems for me as I can’t automate **transfer** method. My code is trying to send some **XMR** and when it shows this error I have to fix it by hand.

The error `{‘code’: -38, ‘message’: ‘no connection to daemon’}` is not showing all the time it’s 50% of succeeding.

Version I am running is **v0.12.3.0**

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