[monero-project/monero] make_multisig error via monero-wallet-rpc: ’empty view keys’ (#4282)

re: threshold, fair enough, but I added the curl later and let that mistake slip in. For reference, this is the actual method I’m using (from monerojs):

* Make a multisig account
* @function make_multisig
* @param {string} threshold — Threshold required to spend from multisig
* @param {string} multisig_info — Multisignature information (from eg. prepare_multisig)
* @param {string} password — Passphrase to apply to multisig address
* @returns {object} — Example: {
* // TODO example
* }
make_multisig(threshold, multisig_info, password = undefined) {
let params = {
threshold: threshold,
multisig_info: multisig_info,
password: password

return this._run(‘make_multisig’, params);

I didn’t know that the multisig_info param was a string array, though, so I’ll try that. First attempts give `-1` `Bad multisig info: …` but I’ll bash away at it awhile