[monero-project/monero] Idea for ASIC resistance (#3545)

@SChernykh The halting problem is based on deciding whether an arbitrary program will halt or run forever. However, this has no impact on random program generation, because we don’t generate *arbitrary* programs. For example, it’s trivial to restrict the generation routine to exclude infinite loops and infinite recursion. The subset of programs that don’t run forever is still so large that this has no impact on ASIC resistance.

As for bugs in V8, the worst thing I can think of is if someone can find blocks that generate programs that crash the VM. This is not really a security issue.

But I agree that it’s a big change and needs a lot of testing before being deployed by a major cryptocurrency like Monero. I’m currently starting a collaboration with the Wownero dev team to implement RandomJS (Wownero is a fork of Monero).

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