[monero-project/monero] api/wallet: properly disable key encryption (#4302)

Sending funds with the GUI got broken with #4131 because setting the wallet setting `m_rpc` to true in the API was done in `WalletImpl::doInit` which is called after calling `wallet2::load_keys`, meaning that the spend key got encrypted nevertheless. This patch fixes this by making sure that the `m_rpc` is properly set in the ctor of `wallet2` which is called from the ctor of `WalletImpl`.
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— Commit Summary —

* api/wallet: properly disable key encryption

— File Changes —

M src/gen_multisig/gen_multisig.cpp (4)
M src/simplewallet/simplewallet.cpp (2)
M src/wallet/api/wallet.cpp (4)
M src/wallet/wallet2.cpp (11)
M src/wallet/wallet2.h (4)

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