[monero-project/monero] adding win building details. (#3880)

if someone wants to build on windows, for the first time building anything, they go to the windows section of the readme and fail. the cloning step isnt in the step by step process for the windows build instructions. they could have read the entire readme from top to bottom and got to the point where you are supposed to clone while building on windows and still not know to clone at that point. if they dont know what cloning is how do they know at what point in the process to run the cloning command? let alone that the cloning command is at the top of the readme.

if you dont want a comprehensive, hand hodling, step by step process for windows done in the official readme, why not just have one hosted elsewhere and you can just post a link to it in the place of the windows instructions? as it stands, if you knew nothing about building binaries on windows, you wouldnt be able to accomplish it with the current readme. maybe by random chance.

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