[iotaledger/wallet] Are you new to IOTA and need to generate a SEED? (#571)

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Please, could you advise if I can use the same password (seeds) from my Light Walle to Full node wallet?
As I tried, and it doesn’t accept my seeds from light wallet to the full node wallet.

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Hey @DSNC , a seed is a 81-char string consisting only of uppercase latin letters and 9’s which are used to access an account. You can imagine it as password for your IOTA wallet.

There are several ways to create a seed:

You make up 81 letters with one or more 9’s and use that as seed.

You can also use a password manager such as KeePass to create 81 random letters with 9’s through an algorithm. Advantage here: You can save them directly and securely.

Another possibility is the use of the new Trinity beta version. There you can also create and save a secure seed. https://blog.iota.org/trinity-mobile-beta-release-c47e8babdc28

If you want to learn more about creating seed, I recommend the following article: https://medium.com/iota-demystified/is-a-memorable-sentence-a-safe-iota-seed-14072528f608

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