[input-output-hk/cardano-sl] WIP: CDEC-380: Property testing (#3353)

@nc6 pushed 133 commits.

14f705d Merge pull request #3094 from input-output-hk/release/1.2.1
5a4f082 [DEVOPS-972] fix connectScripts evaluation on OSX
3c2f8b3 [DEVOPS-957] AppVeyor: Update Rocksdb.zip URL to S3 location
1acfcde Merge pull request #3297 from input-output-hk/devops-972-fix-locale-osx
e510ab8 [CO-345] Reduce verbosity of syncWalletWorker
08eeecd Merge pull request #3309 from input-output-hk/fix/rcd-32-reduce-logging-verbosity
e7d61de [DEVOPS-978] Add demoClusterDaedalusDev attribute and documentation
ccbff81 [DEVOPS-980] Create build artifact with logs when test fails
10bb330 Merge pull request #3315 from input-output-hk/devops-978-demo-cluster-client-cert-disabled
d1ffbca [CDEC-485] Move some JsonLog functions to chain
44b3685 [CDEC-485] Move Pos.Core.StateLock to db
4ebad9c [CDEC-485] Move Pos.Core.Block files to chain
f2d7344 [CDEC-474] Add JSON roundtrip test for `NodeMetadata` and its subtypes
5a704a7 [CDEC-474] Add JSON roundtrip test for `Topology`
c0db04e [CDEC-474] Add golden tests for `Topology`
46104c0 [CDEC-484] Reunite orphans from Pos.Chain.Ssc.Toss.Trans
a6036e0 [CDEC-484] Reunite orphans from Pos.Chain.Ssc.Error.Verify
1265b4f [CBR-350] Implement ‘updateWalletPassword’
92921d6 [CBR-350] Implement the ‘getWallet’ functionality
397fe86 [CBR-350] Refactoring: make all getters pure
0f46487 [CBR-350] Implement the ‘deleteWallet’ functionality.
93d8504 [CBR-350] Implement the ‘updateWallet’ functionality
c1b5d82 [CBR-350] Add the ‘getWallets’ functionality
b5f27fe [CBR-350] (Bonus) Support cascade-deletion for accounts
c963a40 remove CODEOWNERS
101c5d5 Remove .nonsense
c67006f [CBR-350] Tame CI
d968c6e [CBR-350] Address review feedback
67aeecb Add PR checkbox for updating the CHANGELOG
877a92d Merge pull request #3357 from input-output-hk/intricate/CDEC-484
a16a427 [CDEC-474] Add golden test for `NodeMetadata`
5ba48ca [CDEC-485] Appease stylish-haskell
04ccf68 [CDEC-485] Appease hlint
834ade8 [DEVOPS-992] Fix x509 generator SANs to work with IP addresses
a596130 Merge pull request #3351 from input-output-hk/ruhatch/CDEC-485
4406b87 [DEVOPS-994] bump mainnet to version 9 (#3368)
f93e17d Merge pull request #3347 from input-output-hk/feature/cbr-350-wallets-handlers
90763d7 [CBR-250] Scaffolding for updates and restoration
2ddc163 Merge pull request #3359 from input-output-hk/KtorZ/remove-codeowners
abbecf7 [CBR-250] Address minor review comments
8ab4d88 Merge pull request #3363 from input-output-hk/feature/cbr-150-updates
709d71f [CBR-362] Address post CBR-350 minor comments
8974bfa Merge pull request #3354 from input-output-hk/jordan/CDEC-474
ee3e1b0 Merge pull request #3371 from input-output-hk/feature/cbr-362-address-minor-todos
eb0afe1 Merge pull request #3364 from input-output-hk/mhuesch/update-CHANGELOG
c60ce6a Merge pull request #3367 from input-output-hk/devops-992-cardano-x509-san-ip
be091ce Merge pull request #3325 from input-output-hk/devops-980-wallet-integration-log-artifact
cb623a9 [CO-328] Add missing ‘—client’ option in cURL API doc examples
bf70d0f Merge pull request #3212 from input-output-hk/KtorZ/CO-328/missing-curl-options-in-api-doc
b385c02 [CO-324] Draft endpoints to get accounts’ address and balance
172d2e0 [CO-324] Introduce pagination for getAccountAddresses
0800545 [CO-324] Extend integration test suites for account per-field endpoint
5820d55 [CO-324] Write about partial account representations in API doc
6c18707 [CO-327] Use Example typeclass
3e2a136 Merge pull request #3210 from input-output-hk/KtorZ/CO-324/per-field-endpoints
59fc9f2 Merge pull request #3215 from Anviking/anviking/CO-327/swagger-example-typeclass
2891714 [CO-325] Remove sorting capability for per-field addresses
c6333a0 [CO-325] Fix rebase issues
009d987 [CO-342] Customize FromJSON CBackupPhrase instance
7b66499 [CO-342] Add comment
916784a [CO-342] Unit tests for legacy V0 Mnemonic JSON
addf4f1 [CO-342] Change documentation format
e1d889d [CBR-325] Fix a few typos and link ‘TODO’s to actual tickets
0d22897 Merge branch ‘release/1.3.0’
ff6716d [CO-325] re-trigger CI
1cf5355 [DEVOPS-906] Merge branch ‘master’ into develop
2c2c303 Merge pull request #3372 from input-output-hk/Squad1/CO-325/api-v1-improvements-part-1
36a5df3 [CBR-349] Pave the way for redemption
0351188 Merge pull request #3373 from input-output-hk/refactor/cbr-342-redeem-ada-prep
9937876 [CBR-364] Generalize zoomCreate
139a65e [CBR-349] Add support for foreign transactions
fdfb5eb Merge pull request #3379 from input-output-hk/feature/cbr-364-generalize-zoomCreate
642dd87 Merge pull request #3378 from input-output-hk/feature/foreign-pending
edec151 [DEVOPS-980] Fix log collection in integration test
d26f6b7 [CBR-364] Implement ‘validateAddress’
006dce7 [CBR-364] Implement ‘listAddresses’
633b494 Merge pull request #3380 from input-output-hk/devops-980-wallet-integration-log-artifact
d708a75 [CBR-364] Deal with rebase fallout, hlint
0bfda6a Merge pull request #3382 from input-output-hk/feature/cbr-364-list-addresses
03a86b3 [CBR-239] reworks SQlite backend queries and moves filtering on TxMeta layer
26084fe [CBR-239] Adds utility function for filtering
ddbd4c8 [CBR-239] open TxMeta db and adds handle in wallet
8625a73 [CBR-239] utility Kernel functions
39f4a3d [CBR-239] adds WalletLayer support for getTransactions endpoint
8027fe3 [CBR-239] adds getTransactions endpoint for V1 Api, new Wallet Data Layer
9863a2c [CBR-239] Adds union tests for getTransactions
8d27189 [DEVOPS-906] Merge branch ‘develop’
878fd51 [CBR-250] Refactor `createPrefiltered`
ac227a7 [CBR-239] changes AccountIx name in Kernel and stray comments
6803dab [CBR-239] moves Slice to API and stray comments
82afe76 [CBR-239] adds tests for getTx
fe3faa3 [CBR-239] hlint and stylish fixes
48a1e2f Merge pull request #3375 from input-output-hk/devops-906-merge-master-develop
d27bc2c Merge pull request #3388 from input-output-hk/feature/cbr-250-refactor-createPrefiltered
8f936e2 [CO-351] Re-introduce custom template for rendering swagger
78a1c17 Merge pull request #3370 from input-output-hk/CBR-239
e7229d4 [CO-351] Remove old redoc-specific files
7520156 [CBR-227] Go over TODOs, remove stray, add tickets
7c702a7 Merge pull request #3391 from input-output-hk/Squad1/CO-351/fix-swagger-doc-rendering
2823229 [CBR-227] Remove legacy wallet layer
39a9019 Merge pull request #3393 from input-output-hk/check-all-wallet-TODOs
68862ed Merge pull request #3395 from input-output-hk/remove-legacy-wallet-layer
c452403 [CBR-243] Simplify `Checkpoint`
4f151e9 [DEVOPS-1003] Bump appveyor ssl version to 1.0.2q
a9a22fb Merge pull request #3398 from input-output-hk/devops-1003-appveyor-ssl-update-develop
c892382 [CHW] Support of root public key for external wallets.
26d5306 Merge pull request #3389 from input-output-hk/CHW-1-public-key
9919f9f [CBR-375] adds unresolved inputs in Sqlite
ff46108 [CBR-375] Add putTxMeta in Kernel functions
0ce5d20 Adds new WalletLayer endpoint which returns a V1.Transaction from a TxMeta
b583e6b [CBR-375] Uses WalletLayer.getTxFromMeta in the handlers
e2c012c [CBR-375] Fixes tests
c17c453 [CBR-275] hlint fix
6c4c281 [CBR-243] stylish-haskell
8c52cf9 [CHW] Work with root public key for external wallets. Errors for external wallets.
6a92b34 Merge pull request #3396 from input-output-hk/feature/cbr-243-simplify-checkpoint
067533b Merge pull request #3404 from input-output-hk/CHW-2-client-and-errors
c11368d Merge pull request #3407 from input-output-hk/kderme/CBR-375
44c9035 [CBR-341] Don’t iterate over the keystore
34fbe4f Merge pull request #3408 from input-output-hk/feature/cbr-341-dont-iterate-over-keystore
65279b7 Move abstract UTxO definition to its own package.
5f77e52 Placate stylish-haskell
c2372de Start planning property testing.
a9cf6bc WIP
db28b0e Add block modifiers into interpretation context.
d1f3016 Misc comments.
f174144 Update signatures for ‘translate’ and ‘BlockModifier’.
802f7ad Changes ‘undefined’ to ‘pending’ in tests in ChainExtension
aaf150f Adds a dummy BlockModifierException so the code compiles
fd72c81 Comments out an unused and out-of-scope import
ceba57a Write basic version of `translate` to convert from the DSL to Abstract.
fd5512b Start writing Policies
c864955 Merge branch ‘dev/property-testing’ of github.com:input-output-hk/cardano-sl into dev/property-testing

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