[input-output-hk/cardano-sl] DEVOPS-834 Cardano faucet package (#2939)

@rvl these would be easier to address if they were inline :-)

> Split up the withdraw function.

I’ve split out the queue handling parts 59a71c7bb

> Can we have at least one token test case?

I’m sure there are some parts that can be sensibly tested now

> Needs a little documentation.

There are haddocks on all the main functions and swagger docs (under `/docs`). What form would you like the documentation in? Do you mean a better README?

> Remove _dead code and commented out code

I’ve removed all the commented code I could find, could you review inline anymore you see and anything you think is dead? 7cabdb9c7

> Remove nix files and .projectile.

Done a0158671a

> Remove index.html

This is kinda handy to have around for testing purposes… Now that recaptcha is enabled you can’t really test with `curl` or a rest client

> Copyright IOHK

Done — found the remaining instance in LICENSE 3d945c61c

> There is a missing letter in Withdrawl

Urban dictionary informs me that «withdrawl» is

> What a Southerner suffers when he moves to the North

which isn’t quite what I intended. Fixed in 1c2ae37cc

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