[input-output-hk/cardano-sl] [CBR-97] structured logging (#3401)

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> — logMessageS severity $ securedText SecretLogLevel
— logMessageUnsafeP severity $ securedText PublicLogLevel

— | Shortcut for ‘logMessage’ to use according severity.
-logDebugSP, logInfoSP, logNoticeSP, logWarningSP, logErrorSP
— :: (HasLoggerName m, MonadIO m)
— => SecuredText -> m ()
-logDebugSP = logMessageSP Debug
-logInfoSP = logMessageSP Info
-logNoticeSP = logMessageSP Notice
-logWarningSP = logMessageSP Warning
-logErrorSP = logMessageSP Error

-instance BuildableSafe a => Buildable (SecureLog [a]) where
— build = bprint (buildSafeList secure) . getSecureLog
+— | additional instances for

instance Buildable (SecureLog Text) where

It seems the `SecureLog` type was moved out of this module, leaving behind these instances which then become orphan instances. Shouldn’t these instances have moved with the `SecureLog` type?