[input-output-hk/cardano-sl] [CBR-322] Tests for block metadata (#3317)

@uroboros pushed 35 commits.

14f705d Merge pull request #3094 from input-output-hk/release/1.2.1
5a4f082 [DEVOPS-972] fix connectScripts evaluation on OSX
3c2f8b3 [DEVOPS-957] AppVeyor: Update Rocksdb.zip URL to S3 location
1acfcde Merge pull request #3297 from input-output-hk/devops-972-fix-locale-osx
e510ab8 [CO-345] Reduce verbosity of syncWalletWorker
08eeecd Merge pull request #3309 from input-output-hk/fix/rcd-32-reduce-logging-verbosity
e7d61de [DEVOPS-978] Add demoClusterDaedalusDev attribute and documentation
10bb330 Merge pull request #3315 from input-output-hk/devops-978-demo-cluster-client-cert-disabled
4406b87 [DEVOPS-994] bump mainnet to version 9 (#3368)
0d22897 Merge branch ‘release/1.3.0’
1cf5355 [DEVOPS-906] Merge branch ‘master’ into develop
03a86b3 [CBR-239] reworks SQlite backend queries and moves filtering on TxMeta layer
26084fe [CBR-239] Adds utility function for filtering
ddbd4c8 [CBR-239] open TxMeta db and adds handle in wallet
8625a73 [CBR-239] utility Kernel functions
39f4a3d [CBR-239] adds WalletLayer support for getTransactions endpoint
8027fe3 [CBR-239] adds getTransactions endpoint for V1 Api, new Wallet Data Layer
9863a2c [CBR-239] Adds union tests for getTransactions
8d27189 [DEVOPS-906] Merge branch ‘develop’
878fd51 [CBR-250] Refactor `createPrefiltered`
ac227a7 [CBR-239] changes AccountIx name in Kernel and stray comments
6803dab [CBR-239] moves Slice to API and stray comments
82afe76 [CBR-239] adds tests for getTx
fe3faa3 [CBR-239] hlint and stylish fixes
48a1e2f Merge pull request #3375 from input-output-hk/devops-906-merge-master-develop
d27bc2c Merge pull request #3388 from input-output-hk/feature/cbr-250-refactor-createPrefiltered
8f936e2 [CO-351] Re-introduce custom template for rendering swagger
78a1c17 Merge pull request #3370 from input-output-hk/CBR-239
e7229d4 [CO-351] Remove old redoc-specific files
7520156 [CBR-227] Go over TODOs, remove stray, add tickets
7c702a7 Merge pull request #3391 from input-output-hk/Squad1/CO-351/fix-swagger-doc-rendering
2823229 [CBR-227] Remove legacy wallet layer
39a9019 Merge pull request #3393 from input-output-hk/check-all-wallet-TODOs
68862ed Merge pull request #3395 from input-output-hk/remove-legacy-wallet-layer
6195db4 Merge branch ‘feature/cbr-322-tests-for-blockmeta’ of https://github.com/input-output-hk/cardano-sl into feature/cbr-322-tests-for-blockmeta

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