[input-output-hk/cardano-sl] [CBR-243] improve wallet worker start-up and exception handling (#3330)

edsko commented on this pull request.

I feel that the discussion on this PR has drowned in discussions of technical details. Before we can address those, I would like to know: what is the goal here? What was wrong with the original code? Why did you feel that this was urgent to fix? What motivates the change from a single `Chan` to a multitude of concurrent variables, thereby requiring `STM`? Why did you need to roll your own thread management, rather than use `async`? At the moment this feels heavily over-engineered to me (that’s not to say it’s wrong, but without a proper problem statement, it’s impossible evaluate). It’s not even clear to me what the original problem was, or even under which ticket this falls. We need context and motivation; the original code was fairly straight-forward and simple, we’d need good reasons to change that. (I’m not talking about `hoist` versus something else; I’m talking broader picture here).

We don’t have much time left and I want to make sure we spend it wisely.

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