[golemfactory/golem] Structured local test result (#3128)

mdtanrikulu commented on this pull request.

> for l in log_content.splitlines():
missing_file = re.search(«^Warning: Path ‘(.*)’ not found», l,
if missing_file:
# extract filename from warning message
— warnings.add(os.path.basename(missing_file.group(1)))
+ missing_path = missing_file.group(1)
+ fileInfo = (

I already explained it in [here](https://github.com/golemfactory/golem/pull/3128#discussion_r211081287).
Instead of having one full path of the file, I would rather to create an english syntax for UX purposes. To do it, I needed to have file name and the directory separately. And the lines you pointed, was the best place to split path correctly for all related OS file systems. Thus, rather than writing another function to check and split different file system paths, I used built-in one without any additional effort.