[golemfactory/golem] Structured local test result (#3128)

mdtanrikulu commented on this pull request.

> for l in log_content.splitlines():
missing_file = re.search(«^Warning: Path ‘(.*)’ not found», l,
if missing_file:
# extract filename from warning message
— warnings.add(os.path.basename(missing_file.group(1)))
— return warnings
+ missing_path = missing_file.group(1)
+ fileInfo = {
+ ‘baseName’: os.path.basename(missing_path),
+ ‘dirName’: os.path.dirname(missing_path)
+ }
+ warnings.append(fileInfo)
+ return list(map(dict, set(tuple(sorted(f.items())) for f in warnings)))

While having at least 2 different file system to check (Windows, Mac/Linux) and having built in path method already for it, I couldn’t find any reason to write another function.