[golemfactory/golem] Structured local test result (#3128)

mdtanrikulu commented on this pull request.

> for l in log_content.splitlines():
missing_file = re.search(«^Warning: Path ‘(.*)’ not found», l,
if missing_file:
# extract filename from warning message
— warnings.add(os.path.basename(missing_file.group(1)))
— return warnings
+ missing_path = missing_file.group(1)
+ fileInfo = {
+ ‘baseName’: os.path.basename(missing_path),
+ ‘dirName’: os.path.dirname(missing_path)
+ }
+ warnings.append(fileInfo)
+ return list(map(dict, set(tuple(sorted(f.items())) for f in warnings)))

Oh seems like I forgot to add attribute for sorted, like
sorted(f.items, key=lambda f: f[‘baseName’])
which is fixed now.

For your first comment, this is the goal of this PR. To make data structured. We are using both information (dirName, baseName) in new local task test result as below to give user more information about the place of the data, so they can place the missing files easily;

screen shot 2018-08-18 at 18 47 33

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