[ethereum/go-ethereum] Extendability over header fields as well as adding custom PoA consensus algos (#16848)


Mainly my feature request is about extensing the existing geth to allow easy copy of existing consensus algos and creating custom packages from which, for insance to modify clique it would be awesome to br able to just drop in another folder with the samae code albeit various API endpoints renamed according to your new package.. also it would be extremely helpfull to be able to extens the existing headers to add custom header fields for use within the new consensus setup..

I realise it is possible to so this but it does require a heck of a lot of modification and searching through multiple core files etc but its not intuitive at all and requires so much trial and error that it makes it unfeasible in the long term…. id settle tor being able to easily add a new header field though :)

Also would be handy to have web3 equivalent or as close as, for various go commands, i know the exist and i do use them…. but ive to dig deep to find them.

Willing to help out with implementing documentation if we can open a direct line of contact ;)

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