[ethereum/go-ethereum] contracts: add checkpoint registrar smart contract (#16842)

rjl493456442 commented on this pull request.

> + «github.com/ethereum/go-ethereum/common»
+ «github.com/ethereum/go-ethereum/common/hexutil»
+var (
+ errNoStableCheckpoint = errors.New(«no stable checkpoint provided»)
+// PublicLesServerAPI provides an API to access the les server.
+// It offers only methods that operate on public data that is freely available to anyone.
+type PublicLesServerAPI struct {
+ server *LesServer
+// NewPublicLesServerAPI creates a new les server API.
+func NewPublicLesServerAPI(server *LesServer) *PublicLesServerAPI {

And maybe this part needs more detail annotations, if we can keep the logic here, i think more clear and detail annotations are needed.

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