[ethereum/go-ethereum] cmd: fixed ‘comment should be in form . . .’ and ‘receiver name should . . .’ (#16782)

fjl requested changes on this pull request.

> @@ -189,7 +189,7 @@ var (
Name: «lightkdf»,
Usage: «Reduce key-derivation RAM & CPU usage at some expense of KDF strength»,
— // Dashboard settings

These changes don’t improve things because they replace each «section heading» style comment with a comment about the first flag in the section. IMHO it would be better to add a newline after the section instead, e.g.

// Dashboard settings

DashboardEnabledFlag = cli.BoolFlag{
Name: «dashboard»,
Usage: «Enable the dashboard»,
DashboardAddrFlag = cli.StringFlag{
Name: «dashboard.addr»,
Usage: «Dashboard listening interface»,
Value: dashboard.DefaultConfig.Host,

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