[ethereum/go-ethereum] Add AccountRangeAt to debug API (#17438)

holiman commented on this pull request.

> @@ -346,6 +347,40 @@ func (api *PrivateDebugAPI) GetBadBlocks(ctx context.Context) ([]*BadBlockArgs,
return results, nil

+type AccountRangeResult struct {
+ result []common.Address `json:»result»`
+func accountRange(st state.Trie, start *common.Address, maxResult int) (AccountRangeResult, error) {

Question: will this overlap? If I ask for ten results, starting from `0x00..0`, and then take the last of those (address `X`), and ask for ten more — will address `X` be included in that second set too?

Would be good to avoid that, if so