[EOSIO/eos] wallet_api interface & soft_wallet refactor (#3784)

wanderingbort requested changes on this pull request.

> @@ -90,6 +92,7 @@ namespace eosio { namespace chain {
vector context_free_data; ///< for each context-free action, there is an entry here const signature_type& sign(const private_key_type& key, const chain_id_type& chain_id); + const signature_type& sign(sign_digest_functor signature_request, const chain_id_type& chain_id); This seems a little cumbersome. I would naively suggest pulling a digest from the signed_transaction, passing it to another system and then adding a method to (or just directly) append a signature to a signed transaction. If we want to be "safe" we could make this method validate that the signature is "correct" by recovering and comparing it to a provided public key

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