[EOSIO/eos] Update constitution.md (ab30b77)

Strongly disagree that this should be an article at all. Everything you want to cover here is covered by the right of private property.

But there is a more serious problem.

This whole idea of non-initiation of force is an error that lives deeply in parts of the libertarian community.

Harm is not a binary. It is a gradient. There are many types of harm that fall short of violence. This idea of non-initiation of force is morally appealing nonsense. It’s a prohibition on retaliation against a myriad of lesser offenses.

You cannot have a justice system without the initiation of force.

If someone steals a whole bunch of EOS, and we involve real-world authorities in trying to recover it / prosecute them, we are initiating violence.

How about negative externalities? If a member of the EOS community is about to sell bullets to a warlord who has innocent people kneeling beside a freshly dug ditch — that’s a peaceful, voluntary transaction. Are we prohibited from initiating violence to disrupt it?

I used to be a part of the non-aggression club. I understand it. It took me a long time to find my way out.

I would urge you to ask yourself whether you’re doing verbal gymnastics to preserve an appealing ideology: «the non-initiation of force.»

It’s appealing because it’s simple. Unfortunately, it isn’t accurate, and you can’t build a justice system on top of this idea.

It becomes a prohibition on retaliation.

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