[EOSIO/eos] The docker-quickstart is broken (on https://developers.eos.io) (#5252)


It looks like these are the paths that are searched for includes:
-I /opt/eosio/contracts \
-I /eos/contracts \
-I /eos/contracts/libc++/upstream/include \
-I /eos/contracts/musl/upstream/include \
-I /eos/externals/magic_get/include \
-I ${EOSIO_INSTALL_DIR}/include \
-I${EOSIO_INSTALL_DIR}/include/libc++/upstream/include \
-I${EOSIO_INSTALL_DIR}/include/musl/upstream/include \
the `/eos/` path comes from the build environment
the `EOSIO_INSTALL_DIR` is implied to be the directory of the eosiocpp script.

@jcalfee please try to limit issues to a single problem, this issue is now tracking 2 issues:
— [ ] 1.2.0 does not support running the wallet plugin in nodeos anymore
— [ ] 1.1.5/1.1.2 eosiocpp has bad search paths.

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