[EOSIO/eos] The developers.eos.io docker-quickstart is broken in docker eosio/eos-dev:v1.2.0 (#5252)

It works in v1.1.5 but not in v1.2.0 (latest as of now)… The 1.2 container does not have the wallet_plugin or the wallet_api_plugin.


This was not very trivial, so I’ll detail the steps to re-produce.

The container does not start (check with `docker ps`) so this comment returns nothing:
docker logs —tail 10 eosio

To see the error, I replaced the docker run `-d` (daemon) with `-it` (interactive) then run just `bash` without the `-c` command. Then ran the `-c` command in the interactive container:

$ docker run —rm —name eosio -ti -p 8888:8888 -p 9876:9876 -v /tmp/work:/work -v /tmp/eosio/data:/mnt/dev/data -v /tmp/eosio/config:/mnt/dev/config eosio/eos-dev /bin/bash

root@2eacc395f349:/# nodeos -e -p eosio —plugin eosio::wallet_api_plugin —plugin eosio::wallet_plugin —plugin eosio::producer_plugin —plugin eosio::history_plugin —plugin eosio::chain_api_plugin —plugin eosio::history_api_plugin —plugin eosio::http_plugin -d /mnt/dev/data —config-dir /mnt/dev/config —http-server-address= —access-control-allow-origin=* —contracts-console —http-validate-host=false
2018-08-15T12:54:24.728 thread-0 main.cpp:131 main ] /eos/libraries/appbase/application.cpp(309): Throw in function appbase::abstract_plugin &appbase::application::get_plugin(const string &) const
Dynamic exception type: boost::exception_detail::clone_impl >
std::exception::what: unable to find plugin: eosio::wallet_api_plugin

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