[EOSIO/eos] Synamic exception: `Unable to find plugin: eosio::wallet_api_plugin` (#5248)

After update node to v1.2.0 i got the error:
«`2018-08-15T09:24:29.710 thread-0 block_log.cpp:124 open ] Log is nonempty
2018-08-15T09:24:29.710 thread-0 block_log.cpp:159 open ] Index is empty
2018-08-15T09:24:29.710 thread-0 block_log.cpp:298 construct_index ] Reconstructing Block Log Index…
2018-08-15T09:24:29.744 thread-0 http_plugin.cpp:344 plugin_initialize ] configured http to listen on
2018-08-15T09:24:29.745 thread-0 main.cpp:131 main ] /usr/local/src/eos/libraries/appbase/application.cpp(309): Throw in function appbase::abstract_plugin &appbase::application::get_plugin(const string &) const
Dynamic exception type: boost::exception_detail::clone_impl >
std::exception::what: unable to find plugin: eosio::wallet_api_plugin«`

When i comment the line in config.ini:
`# plugin = eosio::wallet_api_plugin`
exception stopped throwing and node start syncing

But i need wallet plugin api

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