[EOSIO/eos] Shut down problem (#5194)

Today, one of my nodes stopped again, but today I kept the system log.
The log shows that it’s memory occupancy rate is too high and the system killed it. And also need to replay when i restart it. I can only start from the backup.

Can this 90% memory use rate be reduced by some way or Some configuration, like 80% or 60% and the rest in virtual memory. This not only avoids this abnormal stop, but also reduces the memory requirements on the server.

Aug 25 15:03:59 xxx-xxx-xxx-xxx kernel: [2781980.456483] Out of memory: Kill process 10614 (nodeos) score 963 or sacrifice child
Aug 25 15:03:59 xxx-xxx-xxx-xxx kernel: [2781980.458006] Killed process 10614 (nodeos) total-vm:83923900kB, anon-rss:15795692kB, file-rss:0kB