[EOSIO/eos] Remove default key from keosd (#4107)

Removes the default key so the wallet plugin does not load it by default.
Add a remove_key interface to the wallet_api to allow users to remove keys from the wallet.
Add «wallet remove» command to cleos.
Add new unit tests to wallet unit tests for remove_key functionality.
Fix test breakage caused by removal of the default key.
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— Commit Summary —

* Remove default key from keosd

— File Changes —

M plugins/wallet_api_plugin/wallet_api_plugin.cpp (2)
M plugins/wallet_plugin/include/eosio/wallet_plugin/wallet.hpp (8)
M plugins/wallet_plugin/include/eosio/wallet_plugin/wallet_api.hpp (10)
M plugins/wallet_plugin/include/eosio/wallet_plugin/wallet_manager.hpp (9)
M plugins/wallet_plugin/wallet.cpp (26)
M plugins/wallet_plugin/wallet_manager.cpp (15)
M programs/cleos/httpc.hpp (1)
M programs/cleos/main.cpp (17)
M tests/distributed-transactions-test.py (2)
M tests/nodeos_run_test.py (2)
M tests/restart-scenarios-test.py (2)
M tests/testUtils.py (31)
M tests/wallet_tests.cpp (42)

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