[EOSIO/eos] RAM bug (#4517)

Hi, I have buy/sell RAM from RAM market without problem for a week but today I have facing with RAM bug.

`{«code»:500,»message»:»Internal Service Error»,»error»:{«code»:3080001,»name»:»ram_usage_exceeded»,»what»:»account using more than allotted RAM usage»,»details»:[]}}`

My ram quota is 2113715 bytes and I want to sell just 8192 bytes.

I have report it to EOS Authority, and Rohan get in to help me.

I ask Rohan to get my account info from their API endpoint. He say I have 2MB of RAM which I said above. I have create new signed transaction to sell 8196 bytes RAM and send to Rohan to submit to the network and he also get the same error result.

Rohan said «Just say, Rohan @EOSAuthority looked into it and we both couldn’t figure out what the issue was…»

He also say it might be something around here

I have also try to manual create transaction by eosjs, EOSToolkit, FeeXplorer. All those tools show I have 2MB and I can’t sell even if 8192 bytes.

I have try many API endpoint and it’s not working.

If anyone want my signed transaction to get proof that it’s bug. You can add my telegram `kenjiroai`

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