[EOSIO/eos] nodeos signature-provider fails for KEOSD provider-type (#5151)

From config.ini:
signature-provider = EOS5hCncQzo7TJqcv3Xjwwf3PvuEoCW6RrU5zcXzYv8kJnRUoLd3n=KEOSD:

After confirming that cleos can successfully access that key from keosd at that url, running nodeos v1.1.4 results in:
2018-08-10T13:57:55.862 thread-0 producer_plugin.cpp:677 plugin_startup ] producer plugin: plugin_startup() end
2018-08-10T13:57:56.000 thread-0 producer_plugin.cpp:1183 maybe_produce_block ] 11 eof_exception: End Of File
unexpected end of file
thread-0 json.cpp:434 variant_from_stream

thread-0 json.cpp:460 from_string

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