[EOSIO/eos] Nodeos process crashes, but the logs are not recorded, how do you locate, thank you (version mainnet-1.1.4), similar cases have occurred twice, other versions have occurred before,and restart must be —hard-replay-blockchain (#5337)

Logs are written to disk only if you direct them to disk. If you wish to both log to file and see the log on the console, use `tee` e.g.

TIMESTAMP=`/bin/date +»%F-%H-%M-%S»`; nodeos 2> tee nodeos-$TIMESTAMP-stderr.log
Include whatever `nodeos` command line arguments are required for your environment, such as data and config directory arguments, after the string «nodeos» but before the string «2>» in the command line.

It’s recommended that you upgrade to 1.2.1. The block producers have begun migrating.