[EOSIO/eos] «Loading the Bios Contract» failed (#4509)

@jgiszczak according to the following document (eos tutorials),
an account seems necessary prior to running «Loading the Bios Contract»
thus, I attempted to create an account first,
and for a fresh start, I’ve renamed all the wallets including default.wallet under ~/eosio-wallet
and created a default wallet, key and imported the private key into wallet.
and left the wallet unlock.
I then proceeded to attempt to create an account using the following syntax:
cleos create account ${authorizing_account} ${new_account} ${owner_key} ${active_key}
./cleos create account eosio dli EOS5….{restOfPubKey}
but it failed to create an account, see following screen shot,
then, I ran
./cleos get accounts EOS5….{restOfPubKey}
and it found zero accounts, so, it begs a question, where’s the ${authorizing_account}?

![cleos command-outputs](https://user-images.githubusercontent.com/2821724/42381325-b1b87d7c-80fe-11e8-8975-c62137e324df.png)

And I wonder if there’s a way to run cleos etc. in debugging mode.


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