[EOSIO/eos] Error 3090004: missing required authority (#4522)

so, I followed the steps here: https://developers.eos.io/eosio-cpp/docs/token-tutorial
after I created my account `hello.code`, I deployed `eosio.token` contract:
`cleos —wallet-url=http://localhost:8899 set contract hello.code build/contracts/eosio.token -p hello.code`

then I tried `cleos —wallet-url=http://localhost:8899 push action hello.code create ‘[ «eosio», «1000000000.0000 SYS»]’ -p hello.code`, everything worked well. After about an hour, I unlocked my wallet, then try `cleos —wallet-url=http://localhost:8899 push action hello.code issue ‘[ «user», «100.0000 SYS», «memo» ]’ -p hello.code`,

but it shows this:

`Error 3090004: missing required authority
Ensure that you have the related authority inside your transaction!;
If you are currently using ‘cleos push action’ command, try to add the relevant authority using -p option.`

checked my wallet did unlock. So how to fix this?

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