[EOSIO/eos] Create Account on mainnet (#5168)

> my question is, Here **account system** is creating newaccount. So this **system account** must have some EOS balance to pay money that is written into the above command?

As far as I understand the user ‘eosio’/’testtesttest’ is creating the account. This account should have founds to be able to buy the ram when creating the new account.

> This system command could be on any exchange or wallet out side of my node?

I am not sure about this.

> then while using this command, i should use test account and its public key as owner?

Yes since you are creating a new account from ‘eosio’/ ‘testesttest’ public key. You will have control over this account as the author.

> and then we are done with main net?

As far as creating the account. I think so.

> BTW what main net URL should be used for this purpose?

I don’t understand the question. As long as you are running your node you should be connected to the main net/test net. I have not come across any documentation where you have to specify the main net url when creating the account.

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