[EOSIO/eos] Create a way to make an account inactive/active by the owner (#4512)

I know that we will need to buy around 4k of ram for each new account. When the account gets created it uses around 3k to store the public keys, indexes and other internal information. I know that this account can’t ever be deleted or has its name changed. I suggest to create an action to **make an account inactive**. Is this way all the ram could be reused by the owner. The information could be stored in a secondary place (disk ?). If the owner needs to reactive the account again he would need to provide the ram to get the it back to memory. In this way, the problem of user account ram would be mitigated. Now for an unused account the amount of ram is lost forever as it stays allocated uselessly. There are many kind of applications that fit on this use case.

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