[EOSIO/eos] Could I add an account to the filter in run-time? [without restarting nodeos] (#3641)

I read [Tutorial Exchange Deposit Withdraw](https://github.com/EOSIO/eos/wiki/Tutorial-Exchange-Deposit-Withdraw). It says
> By default, the history plugin will log the history of all accounts, but this is not the recommended
configuration, as it will consume tens of gigabytes of RAM in the medium term.

Does it mean that nodeos will log all history of all accounts into memory which includes one created by someone else on the blockchain if I launch a nodeos without specifying `—filter-on` on dawn 4.2? If that is true, the memory usage could increase day by day even if I don’t create any account, right? How to resolve this problem?

I just want to create an account for each user so I can distinguish who deposited money into the exchange. If an exchange couldn’t add an account to the filter of nodeos without restarting nodeos, the machine runs nodeos may need to use a lot of memory. Please correct me if I use account on the wrong way.

Ref: #3536

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